Peace! More than a year ago I had a neighbor who everyday made noise, it didn’t matter what time off the day it was. It really frustrated me, so I would sleep at my aunts house just to avoid losing myself. My aunt and mom told me too pray about it, let God work it out. I never knew that noise bothered me that much, so I began to pray for peace and ask God to break me down and build me back up. The funny thing is when God starts working in your life, he fixes the weakest parts off us first. Because if God knows where we are weakest, so does the devil. That tenant moved, but wouldn’t you know it another noisy tenant moved in, but because God has been working in my life I find that through the noise I can praise God and block out that noise, and the noise is louder. Now don’t get me wrong I am human so I don’t need that noise at all, but the days I didn’t want to stay in my apartment are long gone. I have the victory because I trusted God to work in me. Because regardless off what’s going on around us, we must allow God too help us first before we can help anyone. It is true experience is the best teacher. We allow ourselves to trust people and things that fail us, trust God I promise he will work for you. Peace



In life many of us are afraid to turn to God because we value the things off this world more, and it seems easier to do the wrong thing or what we think is right, but the things off this world never last. Many of you wish you had never meet certain people that cross your path. Do you know if you trust in God certain people will not cross your path, and if they do God has a way off working things in your favor. Certain individuals in your life now that you want gone will be gone just trust God to make you a better person. There are always things a person can change. If your not growing it is because your not changing.


Old Endings and New Beginnings 

Sometimes life can be smoothe, and other times life makes you want to pull your hair out. Everyone’s life experiences are different for the most part, but the one experience we all will know is death. This year has been rough, it started with me not having a job after work more than 20 years. I hate every minute of not working even though in my heart I know it was time too move on. I also cut my dreadlocks not because I wanted too but sometimes changes need to be made for the better. I also lost a brother not biological, but that is how I felt about him to gun violence, the pain I felt was more than I expected. When you think your going to see someone everyday, and in the blink off an eye he/she is gone it’s rough. I also lost my aunt to cancer, and it hurts me to the core because she was more than an aunt. I miss the times we would sit and talk in her truck, even crack jokes. I remember when she found out she had that disease all I cared about was making sure she was alright. During the time we spent before she passed I had my own battle going on. I was also fighting to make sense off my life, so like my aunt I began to pray more, trust God, even though I lack trust because I always seem to worry when I shouldn’t. Because off my aunts courage I will continue to fight for my life knowing that God is on my side. Even though I lost two beautiful people this year I gained strength, resilience, trust, and despite the struggle I remain hopeful, because God placed a love in my heart  that has become stronger regardless off all the ugly scenes in life.


Wondering Mind

As a child the mind is innocent, but as you grow, thoughts start creeping in, senerios start forming, the things you see and hear sometimes manifest within you. That manifestation can be good or bad, it is important that individuals grab a hold off their minds before they lose their minds. The mind is such a beautiful thing why would anyone want to destroy it. Some people are afraid too allow the mind too form its own thoughts because the outcome may not benefit their cause. The brain is the smartest computer in the world, the things it can bring too life, that can uplift or destroy.  Unwanted thoughts  ignites the mind too search for reasons to the question that invader a person’s mind. Then the questions begin, and a debate follows, and enlightenment may come or darkness. The traumas off life can shape your mind, the things parents, friends, or other people say have a big impact on what a person thinks. Sometimes the mind starts racing, flipping through what happened during your day, things from the past, or just the horror you see in the news if a person is not conscious you thoughts can ruin your life or make it fruitful. We must be careful what we let our minds absorbed or our children because we can become what we think, and see. It can be very difficult too turn off your mind from certain thoughts. We must continue too feed our minds and our children’s minds with positive things because feeding the mind with negative words and images will only destroy that mind.  A child’s parents can shape most off what a child may think, but a child has thoughts off his/her own. It is important that parents stop lying to their children because when you shape a lie and the truth comes out, the reshaping off the mind begins for better or worst.  It is a battle everyday too keep your mind from thinking about things that you are trying too let go off. Praying and developing a positive thought process will improve your peace of mind know matter how many negative things or people are in your environment.


Late Nights

I don’t remember at what age I stop going too bed at 8 o’clock at night, but I don’t remember I could go too bed at that time and sleep through the night till 6 or 7 in the morning. All off that’s has changed if I dear go too bed at 8 o’clock I will be up by midnight or 1Am looking at the ceiling. I have heard this happens as you get older I don’t like it very my because I can’t function without a decent nights sleep. Knowing that I have too go too bed later I usually try to shut it down about 10 or 11pm. Does this help sometimes, so most mornings I wake up at 4:30 or 5:00Am and by the time it hits 10Am I am tired again. My sleep pattern is like a rollacoaster ride, it also doesn’t help that I have noisy neighbors. I hear the saying you can sleep when you die. Well when I die I will roath , if I get dug up after a few years all you will see is bones, and not hear me snoring but I get the point. I am not saying I can’t function without sleep just saying it’s never a good idea too not get enough. Part off having a healthy body is finding time too sleep. There is a reason sleep is part off our exsistance, yet someone came up with the idea you sleep when you die. I will continue too sleep while am alive, so I am prepared too sleep when I die.


Struggles off fighting Change 

When your a child you don’t have a care in the world, growing up seems so far away, and grown ups are uptight, and annoying. Until you become an adult, and realize there was a reason your parents acted crazy at times, or talk too themselves. You also realize being an adults can be scary at times, and confusing. Also you are the one they are calling old lady or pops. The changes life brings are not for us to fall apart, but to use for becoming a better you. Change is a part off life, and we should look at it as such. For us too grow as a people we must change the way we approach the different aspects off our lives. Many individuals never accept change, but look for changing results. All human beings need too do is look at Mother Nature she is always changing.

The trees, the weather, the seasons nothing should remain the same. Especially humans we are the superior beings, so why is it we seclude our minds too only develop one form off thinking, or just never care too assimilate.  Change is happening regardless off if we change or not. Why would you want to leave this world the way you came?  When change has already forced its way in, all that’s left is for you to accept it. Because it is not going away even when you do.


Who’s lives matter 

I’ve heard black lives matter, and all lives matter, but when I wake up everyday seems too me that know lives matter. How do lives matter when the only time everyone cares is if someone from their race is murdered, or from a certain country that has a terrorist attack, and a political agenda.  Individuals are murdered everyday in this country and others, babies, little boys, girls, men, and women. Do their lives matter, the plane that got shut down from the air from the Phillipians, where hundreds off people lost their lives. Did their lives matter, their are thousands off families that experience someone they love being murdered, many off these individuals never find out who killed their loved one. Yet we move on, we say lives matter but many off us don’t care about lives being lost unless it’s a family member, or if it a political agenda. When did human beings become so cold, heartless, wicked, cruel that we make excuses depending on how someone got murdered even animals are safer than humans.  Life is not cherished its defiled, people hearts are so broken that they want others too feel what they are feeling. Hoping it will relieve their pain, we all know that’s not how it works. Because eventually the destruction you allow is going too destroy you. So keep selling guns too the murders, keep making laws that will set killers free, keep allowing killers too live in your houses. Keep allowing murders in you country too take innocent lives, and just keep lying too yourselves saying all lives matter.


Loves passion

I can always remember growing up as a little girl I wanted too be in a relationship when I grew up. Don’t have time too play games because loving someone does not involve games. As a teenager I became much more aware off what I wanted, but I also knew what I had to give. As I get older the desire and passion too love the person ordained for me.  When he sees me he will know I am a gift from God, so he will want to fulfill, the needs he was put in my life to help me with.  Just the thought of seeing him makes my whole body weak, and excited at the same time. Wanting too satisfy his every need, from kissing him too rubbing his aching feet. A love when we are talking his words become mines and mines become his. Supporting him with his passions, praying for God to mend and mold him, to protect his mind, body, and soul. This love I have for him evolves like technology in the 20th century, wanting too discover the next step too open the door that will set our souls on fire. Ignoring the world we live in, feeding his mind, body, and soul till our bodies go cold. Too the carnal world, propelling our spiritual souls into that world where we become one soul in the promised world.


Saying Goodbye 

Over three years ago my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, at that time my aunt was like a second mother because she was the one I confided in when I needed advice. She also looked out for me, did the things a mother does for a child.  At that time I was also going through my own changes. I was in a job that I had out grown, and the work environment did not help. Little did I realize at that time the journey I was about too take with my aunt would change my life. My aunt was a very spiritual person, but I wasn’t, that doesn’t mean I was not aware off God in my life I just hadn’t accepted him in my life the way I should have. Because my aunt got sick I wanted too be by her side because she had sacrificed for me.  I Would take her too her chemotherapy appointments, and spend some time with her on my days off. Few months into 2014 my aunt was told she had too have more chemotherapy, also at that time one off her friends from her church suggested going by the beach too pray. I wanted too be there, so I would drive her. She never stopped doing the things she was doing before getting sick. She was even volunteering too help others while sick. How did she have the strength especially after chemotherapy. Seeing the courage and strength my aunt showed, made me want too fight for my own life. At that time I had no idea where my life was headed, and I had lost myself due too the frustrations off life I even lost my job through no fault off mine, this put me in a place I had never experienced,  so her fight encouraged me too fight. I decided too trust God more because I saw what he was doing for my aunt in her time off need. I have too say it was not easy for me or her, but the days when I would have no more fight she would call me, or I would call her. I was the one who should have been supporting her, but she was supporting me as well. Even some off the visions she had told me about the journey we were taking meant more than what we could visibly see. The one thing I prayed for most while my aunt was sick was for God too heal her, as she came closer too the end off her journey I prayed for God too take away her pain. I recall one night dreaming God saying too me he would take care off it. After I had that dream my spirit was so much more peaceful. Even on the day she passed, the moment she passed I could feel the peace within the room she was in. She died with a smile on her face. That smile made me smile because everything came full circle, and even though everyone has there own beliefs I truly believe that if not for God working in my life I would be asking God why my aunt when we had plans too travel, and do other things. Her courage has awaken things in my life that I didn’t think I would have the courage too do before. On November 8th I said my final goodbye to her as me and my family release her ashes back too whence she came. At that time off the morning everything was so peaceful and calm just like my aunt in every situation.  I will forever miss my aunt, but I thank God for using her too affect so many lives. Beautiful



Decreasing Customer Satisfaction 

I worked in the fast food business for more than 20 years I had good and bad times, but I also learned a lot about what people want. When I started out as a crew person, the company I worked for they ensured that employees knew how too provide the type off service customers needed. As the years passed by that changed, so did the way some fast food restaurants put value in what customers want. When I sarted in the business employees knew how too make sandwiches and what ingredients were on a sandwich. Now it does not matter what’s on the sandwich because the employees are not required too know that.  All they need too know is how too great the customer, take money, and say thank you. There is no more forming personal relationships, so if a customer visits five times a week that cashier or manager would know their name, or what the person orders.  Only parts off the customer experience seems important too management. So how can an individual get hired as a cashier, but knows nothing about making a sandwich? What can he/she tell the customer about a sandwich if an inquiry is made? How can you be promoted within a business, and not know anything about the product your company sells?  Even though many businesses preach customer service, many do not care about customer service.  They sacrifice the customer experience too save cost.